Physique nucléaire

Des informations détaillées relatives à des états de la physique nucléaire

La société Siempelkamp NIS tient à la disposition d'utilisateurs de centrales nucléaires des solutions logicielles les plus modernes qui permettent aux physiciens et experts l’évaluation optimale des conditions dans le périmètre de la technique nucléaire.

Des informations détaillées relatives à la physique nucléaire sont prélevées sur la base de mesures et calculs exacts. Des solutions logicielles de Siempelkamp NIS assurent le fonctionnement efficace et conforme de l'installation.

Gamme de produits

The BABS database system is used to administer the core and storage inventory in nuclear plants as well as the respective interim storage facility of the locations.

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BABS – Fuel Elements Information and Reporting System

The digital reactimeter can determine the distance to the critical status (reactivity) of a plant online. The calculation is based on the neutron flux as a function of time by solving the inverse point kinetic equations.

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DR3 – Digital Reactimeter

CPM – Bestimmung der inversen Zählrate

DIKA is used to determine the core stability, i.e. the keyparameters of frequency (f) and decay ratio (DR) in a boiling water reactor. The program can continuously determine the distance to the stability threshold in order to prevent a reduction in the performance of the plant and an automatic switch-off.

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Stability Measurements with DIKA

With "incore fuel shuffling", the shuffler program system supports the shuffling of fuel assemblies in the pressurised water reactor and makes an effective contribution to considerably reducing the maintenance overhaul duration in pressurised water reactors.

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SHUFFLER Program System