Statistical groundwater analysis STYX

STYX is a software for the federal states of Brandenburg and Saxony. It can be used for the administration of groundwater measuring points as well as statistical groundwater analyses.

This software supports responsible authorities in the collection, management and statistical evaluation of groundwater level data as well as groundwater quality data.


The system comes with the following features:

  • Measuring point management

  • Measuring point search

  • Acquisition, processing and evaluation of groundwater data

  • Observer data collection (Web module)

  • Extensive report generation

  • Data imports (OTT, SEBA, ZRXP, ...)

  • Data evaluation and statistics, such as measuring point research (reports on individual measuring points)

  • Ordnance survey map (reports measuring points of Ordnance survey map)

  • Overall network search (comprehensive reports)

  • Condition data (sampling, hydro-chemical parameters, ...)

  • Graphics:

    • Auto- and cross-correlation

    • Duration lines

    • Double sum curves

    • Single years to long-term averages

    • Hydrographs, -comparison

    • Moving annual means

    • Frequency distribution

    • Monthly means, main annual values

    • Linear trend

    • Trend according to Grimm-Strele

    • Probabilities