NIS Technical Center

A service facility to ensure the safe and economic use of system developments

Our years of experience from past dismantling projects show that a low-risk and efficient use of newly developed processes and the required equipment is only possible if tests are carried out beforehand that are as close to reality as possible, taking into account the highest safety aspects. The NIS technical center in Alzenau is a service facility where we carry out such application-specific system developments for our customers: from planning and testing to cold commissioning. Here, innovative and customised solutions are developed together with the customers.

A service facility to ensure the safe and economic use of system developments

Our technical center can also be used as a service facility by external parties. For example, training courses for future operators of special machines take place there.


Possibilities for external use
  • Testing of remote handling equipment and dismantling technology under water and on air

  • Conduction of tests and damage analyses on components and parts used in nuclear power plants

  • Conditioning process qualifications

  • Training courses

  • Underwater test stand with a water purification plant: two basins, each with a diameter of four meters and with water depths of two respectively five meters

  • Electrical workshop with measuring instruments and voltage sources for various measuring tasks and test set-ups

  • Mechanical workshop for metalworking to set up test stands and for short-term adaptations or improvements of test objects

  • Material storage, crane with lifting gears, forklifts, winches, hoists, pumps, small tools

  • Various radiation measuring equipment for use in controlled areas