Motion Amplification Camera

We are a certified service provider for a new method of vibration investigation. What used to be possible only through time-consuming measurements with countless sampling points and computational/graphical post-processing is now done in no time at all through the use of the IRIS M high-frequency camera. After a quick setup of the measurement by our qualified technicians, almost any structure or machine can be examined with regard to mechanical vibration. By post-processing the recording, the critical vibration movement can be displayed and analysed directly on site. Additional characteristic values such as vibration velocity, displacement, phase angle and a complete spectrum can be determined for any machine parts.

For example, the relevant locations for long-term monitoring can be found instantaneously. The cause of vibration problems on structures is easily identified and fixed.

In the example video, a boiler feed pump was examined, which in itself works without any particular vibration problems. Only at the suspension of the oil manifold were some anomalies. The camera measurement clearly showed that the oil pipe was excited in one of its natural modes. A simple and effective stiffening as a permanent solution was be derived from this visualisation.

If you are interested in analysing your machine or a suspicious structure, please contact us.