Activation / Neutron Flow Calculations

Calculations with know-how and reliability

For activation and neutron flow calculations the Siempelkamp NIS physicists provide advice and support to the nuclear power plant operators with their specialist know-how during operations and dismantling. In some cases, the determination of radioactivity and the evaluation of the restricted area, as well as special plant components, are only possible with a considerable amount of effort. Particularly in these fields the Siempelkamp NIS physicists provide support with their calculations, e.g. in the deployment planning of the personnel, components / tools or also the plant components with respect to material embrittlement. The degree of planning reliability thus acquired prevents downtimes and thereby contributes to improving the cost-effectiveness of the power plant.

Our scope of services:

  • Calculations of 3-D neutron flow distributions inside and outside the reactor core as well as the values derived from this (for pressurised and boiling water reactors)
  • Concentration calculation for relevant radioactive nuclides (this calculation is becoming increasingly important, particularly during the dismantling of nuclear plants and the storage of radioactive materials)
  • Fast neutron fluence for reactor pressure vessels and core installations (material embrittlement) .

    The decommissioning of a nuclear power plant presents major challenges to each operator. Just the demolition of the entire area of a typical nuclear power plant to create a “green field” swallows up approximately 1 billion Euro. At the Biblis nuclear power plant in Germany, this task resulted in an innovative idea for more planning reliability in cooperation with the Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft – and a process which has to do with a casino game in name only...

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