Siempelkamp NIS Technical Center

Service facility as guarantor of safe and economical use of system developments

Our many years of experience from past dismantling projects have shown that the low-risk – and therefore efficient – use of newly developed processes and the devices required for them is only possible if testing is carried out beforehand which is as close to reality as possible, taking into account the highest safety aspects. Here, innovative and tailor-made solutions are developed together with the customer. The Siempelkamp NIS Technical Center can also be used by external parties as a service institution. For example, training courses for future operators of special solutions are taking place there.

Options for use by external parties:

  • Testing of remote handling equipment and dismantling technology under water and in air
  • Performance of series of analyses and damage analyses on components/parts used in NPPs
  • Process qualifications for conditioning processes
  • Training courses.

Equipment of the Siempelkamp NIS Technical Center:

  • Underwater test stand with 2 pools with a diameter of 4 m each and a water depth of 2 and 5 m as well as the associated water cleaning plant
  • Electronic workshop with measuring devices and voltage sources for various measuring tasks and test setups
  • Mechanical workshop for metal processing, e.g. sawing, drilling, welding, etc., for setting up test stand structures as well as the short-term adaptation/improvement of test objects
  • Materials store, crane with fastening devices, industrial trucks, winches, hoists, pumps, small tools
  • Various radiation measurement devices for use during work in restricted areas .

    The Siempelkamp NIS Technical Center in Alzenau, Germany – newly established in spring 2011 – provides ideal conditions for experimental purposes and set-ups: a facility to systematically analyze problems and challenges. It was the experiences of the Siempelkamp NIS expert team gathered from the successful disassembly of the Multi-purpose Research Reactor in Karlsruhe, Germany, the reactor pressure vessel of the Stade NPP in Germany and the ongoing project of disassembling the two RPVs at the ZION NPP in the USA, that led to the decision in autumn 2012 to test a new thermal cutting process: the plasma hot wire cutting!

    Further information:
    Plasma hot wire cutting: NIS Technical Center – a Siempelkamp competence location for process qualification during decommissioning