Getting there faster: support in the approval procedure

Project implementation in the nuclear technology environment is only possible with the corresponding official approvals. Essential elements of the Siempelkamp NIS’ service offers is the exchange with authorities, reviewers and auditing authorities. Specialists at Siempelkamp NIS who have been dealing with approval procedures for many years look after the complex submission of applications and the compilation of approval documents. A detailed description of the reference project, taking into account the current statutory requirements and nuclear technology rules and regulations, forms the basis for the successful approval of a construction, modernisation, modification or decommissioning project. With the help of state-of-the-art software, it is possible to provide the necessary data information with regard to the safety of a project.

The main points of emphasis relating to the approval procedure are:

  • Support with the project execution of approval procedures in the form of consulting, scheduling and project tracking
  • Compilation of application documents and supplementary documents for the dismantling of nuclear technology equipment: e.g. from disposal campaigns to the removal from the field of application of the Atomic Energy Law
  • Compilation of operating and dismantling manuals and their adaption to modified boundary conditions in the course of the project
  • Evaluation of conditions in approvals
  • Safety and explanatory reports
  • Compilation of documents for the public, hearing and supervising procedures .