Decommissioning / Dismantling Support

Effective and safe decommissioning and dismantling with Siempelkamp NIS planning tools

The Siempelkamp NIS product range includes software solutions which support effective and appropriate project execution during the dismantling of nuclear plants. These planning tools support and facilitate the fulfilment of in-house and official requirements.


CORA-CALCOM is a program system for the planning of decommissioning projects, the determination of costs, personnel expenditure and radiation exposure as well as the recording of components with integrated waste disposal planning for nuclear plants.

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CORA-CALCOM – Program System for Nuclear Facility Decommissioning

The decommissioning of a nuclear power plant presents major challenges to each operator. Just the demolition of the entire area of a typical nuclear power plant to create a “green field” swallows up approximately 1 billion Euro. At the Biblis nuclear power plant in Germany, this task resulted in an innovative idea for more planning reliability in cooperation with the Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft – and a process which has to do with a casino game in name only...

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“Monte Carlo” provides an innovation push: New 3-D activation process for decommissioning

RVP – In-house Residual Material Follow-Up

Radioactive residual substances and plant components removed during the decommissioning of nuclear plants are subject to compulsory documentation. It must be possible to show in a verifiable manner the origin, packaging, treatment and whereabouts.

During decommissioning and dismantling work, the operation and control of the radioactive residual substances and the removed plant components is important for execution, inspection and documentation purposes in the decommissioning project. With the RVP database program it is possible to follow up container and residual substance data for the control, handling, inspection and documentation of the material flows during the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear plants. RVP supports the project engineer in the administration of the container data and control of the material flows.

The services included in RVP consist of:

  • Logging and documentation of the residual material data
  • Definition of containers with a clear identification
  • Tracing treatment and disposal
  • Compilation of container routing cards
  • Automated predecessor/successor logging
  • Documentation of containing histories
  • Activity determination and activity balancing of containers
  • Automated check of the containers for release possibilities
  • Warehouse management
  • Transfer of the data to the waste flow tracking and product control (AVK) system
  • Provision of an interface with the software of the surface surveillance monitoring system
  • Upon request the program system can be linked to the acquisition of the plant and component data, either as an independent module or, if the data acquisition is to be linked to the disposal management system, by means of a merger with the database program CORA-CALCOM.