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Recording, administering and visualizing of dose rate measurements

In order to guarantee safety during the operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, information about radiological conditions has to be recorded and evaluated. Radiation protection measurements provide information on radiation contamination from external radiation exposure. Siempelkamp NIS employees are experts in the creation of systems which simplify accurate, across-the-board radiation protection measurements. Here the focus is always on the place- and time-dependent recording, administering and visualizing of the results of dose rate measurements.

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BEDAT is a system for the automatic and manual recording of large quantities of operational data in nuclear power plants as well as for the visualisation and automatic compilation of public authority reports and operational evaluations. The consolidation of measured values from analytics and operational data instrumentation in a common system enables analysis and reporting across various specialist fields. As the original data is retained in the system over the entire operational period, long-term changes below the limit values of the operating instrumentation or faults can be detected at an early stage. The data is subject to strict quality control with respect to deadline monitoring, deviations from parameters and plausibility violations. The reporting module improves the compilation of the in-house and public authority reports with respect to the work involved and required data quality.

Further Information:   BEDAT (german)

Das Programm NucAd (Nuclid Advice) unterstützt den Praktiker im Kernkraftwerk bei der Abschätzung und Berechnung von Gammadosisleistungen und Aktivitäten sowie bei der Ermittlung von Dosen und Dosisleistungen, die durch äußere Strahlenexposition oder durch Inhalation verursacht werden.

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NucAd – Daten und Berechnungen für den Strahlenschutz

Der Strahlenschutzatlas (SSA) ist ein grafisches, datenbankgestütztes Dokumentationssystem für orts- und zeitabhängige Dosisleistungsmessungen, die als Routine- oder Sondermessungen während der Betriebs- oder der Stilllegungsphase in Kernkraftwerken durchgeführt werden. SSA ermöglicht die zweidimensionale Darstellung der gesamten Werksinfrastruktur.

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SSA – Strahlenschutzatlas