Personal Exposure Dosage Database System

Safe and reliable monitoring of the exposure dosage limit in the restricted area

The monitoring of and adherence to the exposure dosage limits according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance during the individual inspections in the restricted area of nuclear power plants is an important process for individuals subject to occupational radiation exposure. For the efficient operation of system access control and the monitoring of individual and contract-related dosage limits, Siempelkamp NIS supplies a database system that has been tried and tested over many years. The PADE system for individual and contract-related dosage monitoring has an online interface with the dosage recording systems installed in nuclear power plants and can therefore perform data acquisition and evaluation functions for individual and workplace-related dosage values.

PADE is a database system used for access control and monitoring of personal and job-related exposure dosage values in nuclear power plants.

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PADE – Personal and Job-Related Exposure Dosage Database System (german)

Safe and reliable monitoring from start to finish – from doctor’s appointment to access control.

How is it that a product designed for use in a nuclear power plant comes to be used in a salt mine? Our report on PADE, an Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft system, reveals more...

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NIS-PADE – Safe and reliable monitoring