Core Simulator

Nuclear online core monitoring: extremely reliable and efficient

The operators of nuclear power plants obtain our support when using the Siempelkamp NIS core simulator for the nuclear online core monitoring of both pressurized water and boiling water reactors. With more than four decades of experience, Siempelkamp NIS is your ideal partner for the safe reactor operation. We offer a complete package of service to our customers: from the specification through configuration to the turnkey delivery and commissioning of the core simulator. Furthermore, we support you in your daily work during operation.

Our selected service examples:

  • Integration of the core simulator into:
    - the nuclear monitoring systems
    - the plant process computer system
    - the driving chamber system
    - the aeroball system control computer
  • Monitoring of the fuel assembly protection program and calculation of the control rod holding times
  • Calculation of the thermal reactor performance, throughput and inlet supercooling
  • Periodic calculation of the decay heat level and derived values on the basis of the actual operating history
  • Graphic visualisation of the start-up / shut-down process (change in temperature and pressure over time) for supporting the shift in maintaining the heat-up rate (30°/ h)
  • Compilation of plant-specific protocols and interface files with other applications
  • Generation of plant-specific representations and evaluations
  • Connection of the core simulator to the plant simulator

Reactor core simulator at Germany’s Gundremmingen NPP: Prepared for the 26th operating cycle with Siempelkamp NIS support.

Further information:
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