Special Machines / Prototypes

Customer-specific developments for safe operation

The know-how and many years' experience of the Siempelkamp NIS engineers are the basis for customer-specific developments of special machines and tools as well as the design of prototypes for plant operation and the field of decommissioning and dismantling. Our range of services comprises all relevant process steps, from planning, supervision/support during the approval process to the different stages of design, manufacture, supply and commissioning as well as the training of the employees. Extensive know-how, accomplished designs and an experienced and motivated team of engineers develop extremely safe and economical solutions for our customers.

Selected examples of completed special machines that have been put into operation:

    • Handling equipment, tool carriers and manipulators for use in air and under water
    • Grippers and fastening devices
    • Mechanical and thermal separating and cutting equipment for use in air and under water
    • Packaging equipment for activated components
    • Waste sorting and treatment plants
    • Hot cell equipment
    • Equipment for the decontamination of liquid operating media (boric acid recovery and VD concentrates)
    • Sampling systems for the radiological characterisation of activated and contaminated equipment
    • Handling and storage facilities
    • Cooling equipment for MOX fuel elements.