H2-Recombiners / NIS-PAR

Optimum hydrogen management under all conditions

Passive autocatalytic H2-Recombiners are an inexpensive and effective solution for the safe management of hydrogen releases in the case of postulated malfunctions in nuclear power plants or other operational events. Also in other facilities it is possible to effectively reduce hydrogen that has been released by radiolysis or other means. NIS-PAR works passively, self-starting even under cold and wet conditions and therefore offers the optimum preconditions for all-round use in the nuclear environment.

Passive autocatalytic H2-recombiners are an economical and effective solution to master hydrogen release during postulated accidents in nuclear power plants.

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NIS-PAR – NIS Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners (H2-Recombiners)

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NIS-PAR in Operation