Turbine Generator Monitoring

Diagnostic systems for improved reliability and profitability in energy generation

The generation of electrical energy by means of turbine generators is aligned to the security of supply and cost-effectiveness. In order to achieve this it is necessary to have exact information on the status of the turbine generator as well as to record and evaluate any deviations from its normal operational behaviour. For the evaluation of machine states, the information content of vibration signals is utilized as monitoring technology. Our monitoring systems can precisely detect, characterise, monitor and document changes to the vibration behaviour of machine sets. Based on these values, deviations from normal behaviour and possible faults are detected and reported. Through the early detection of faults and a status assessment, this system supports the operator with the safe and economical operation of the plant.

Product range

STUDIS is designed for the diagnosis and early detection of faults as a precondition for status-dependent preventive maintenance. Based on the values of a monitoring system, deviations from normal behaviour and possible faults are detected and reported in an expert system.

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STUDIS – Stationary Turbine Generator Diagnostic System

The stationary turboset diagnosis system (STUDIS) successfully supports RWE in early fault detection and diagnosis in the new lignite units 2 and 3 - the most modern systems of their kind in the world - at the plant in Neurath, Germany.

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Maximum plant availability with STUDIS

BLAVIM stands for BLAde VIbration Monitoring and has been developed for the recording, evaluation and monitoring of blade vibrations in LP turbines. BLAVIM is the first system which enables the measurement of blade vibrations of the last two rows of blades using the existing shaft vibration sensor.

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BLAVIM – Blade Vibration Monitoring