Decommissioning Cost Determination

Reliable calculations in all decommissioning and dismantling phases

Siempelkamp NIS provides a large number of services in the execution of decommissioning projects. The calculation of personnel and material costs on the basis of the inventory data of a plant and with the help of empirical values from conversion and inspection measures as well as decommissioning projects, plays an important role with regard to the planning and financing of the decommissioning. The knowledge and skills of experienced experts are essential for the performance of decommissioning on the basis of a reliable cost calculation. The program system CORA-CALCOM for the planning of decommissioning projects, determination of costs, personnel expenditure and radiation exposure as well as the acquisition of component data with integrated waste disposal planning, is a reliable tool for the specialists at Siempelkamp NIS that has been tested over many years for the exact and complete determination of such costs.

The decommissioning of a nuclear power plant presents major challenges to each operator. Just the demolition of the entire area of a typical nuclear power plant to create a “green field” swallows up approximately 1 billion Euro. At the Biblis nuclear power plant in Germany, this task resulted in an innovative idea for more planning reliability in cooperation with the NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft – and a process which has to do with a casino game in name only...

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“Monte Carlo” provides an innovation push: New 3-D activation process for decommissioning

CORA-CALCOM is a program system for the planning of decommissioning projects, the determination of costs, personnel expenditure and radiation exposure as well as the recording of components with integrated waste disposal planning for nuclear plants.

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CORA-CALCOM – Program System for Nuclear Facility Decommissioning