Shielding Devices

Long years of experience for optimal shielding effect

We manufacture shieldings of any size and thickness, made from cast iron or steel – or even plated with high-grade steel if required. An optimum shielding effect is the aim of our plant-specific design that uses officially recognized software. Our product range comprises complete systems, including accessories such as door frames, guides, rails, seals etc. We are also your contact for control technology, e.g. in the case of shielding double doors. From planning, through manufacture to on-site assembly and the actual commissioning of the shielding equipment, Siempelkamp is the qualified supplier.

Our product range includes:

  • TX1S shielding components
  • Cascades / slabs
  • Shielding plates
  • Raising and sliding partitions
  • Shielding double doors
  • Shielding gates
  • Shielding barriers
  • Shielding partitions
  • Shielding covers as shipping casks for dismatled core installations