NucAd - Data and calculations for radiation protection

The NucAd application supports the radiation protection practitioner. It estimates and calculates gamma dose rates and activities. As well, it determining doses and dose rates that are caused by either external radiation exposure or by inhalation.

NucAd solves tasks from many areas of operational radiation protection as well as residue disposal.

Calculation options

  • Clearance values for different disposal paths

  • Internal and external radiation exposure both for persons from the public and for radiation-exposed persons in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance

  • Gamma radiation shielding with simple geometries

  • Radiation exposure as a result of activity dispersion with the air during short- and long-term processes (AVV to paragraph 47 StrlSchV) as well as during accidents (SBG to paragraph § StrlSchV)

Further opportunities

  • Nuclide data management and presentation

  • Definition and management of nuclide vectors

  • Determination of release limits according to the requirements of the Radiation Protection Ordinance

  • Information on materials relevant to radiation protection

The required nuclide-specific release values of the Radiation Protection Ordinance, material parameters, dose and dose rate coefficients, dose constants, dispersion parameters, frequently required nuclide data, such as half-lives and spectra, are provided by the application.

Nuclide vectors to be predefined are managed and decay time is corrected.

Sources for meteorological data are both the German Meteorological Service and the nuclear power plant's internal evaluation measurements.