Drinking water information system TWISTweb

TWISTweb is the Rhineland-Palatinates web-based database system for the collection, management, evaluation and statistical assessment of drinking water analysis data collected at several thousand drinking water monitoring sites in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Users of TWISTweb are the health and supervisory authorities involved in drinking water monitoring, water supply companies and testing bodies according to their tasks and responsibilities. Apart from standard software and internet access, no other components are required from the participants.


TWISTweb provides health authorities, waterworks and testing centres with a virtual analysis data sheet via the Internet. This enables the requesting of tests, the transfer of data and the transmission of results in real time.

TWISTweb contains extensive functions for the control, evaluation, statistical assessment and presentation of drinking water data. Reports to the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) are generated automatically.

The setup and geographical representation of measuring points is done with the help of topographic maps in connection with a geo information system based on the GeoDataArchitecture (GDA) Water Rhineland-Palatinate.


TWISTweb is a client-server application provided via the Internet. The TWISTweb clients are implemented as Java WebStart applications and can be displayed in any browser. Communication between client and server takes place via HTTPS on the designated ports. TWISTweb uses a central relational ORACLE SQL database.

The map display of the measuring points in the geo-information system works completely via the browser, for the display of reports and evaluations a PDF reader is required.


All examination data and evaluation results can be transferred to other programmes via the clipboard for further processing or printed as a PDF file. An export and import interface are available for the transmission of examination data.

User manual

The user manual for TWISTweb is integrated into the application as online help and is displayed context-based for the currently opened workspace