Double Stud Turning Robots

The Double Stud Turning Robot operates from the top of the Multi Stud Tensioner.

It is attached to the rail of the working platform and it is secured in a way to prevent from falling. It is automatically operated and controlled at the control console by an operator. For operating the two Double Stud Turning Robots only one operator is necessary at the control console. There is no need for operating staff in the cavity. The robot is designed for minimizing the operating staff in the cavity and furthermore to reduce the radiation exposure.

The robot drives independently from one RV stud position to the next RV stud position. The RV stud weight compensation during the RV stud turning is controlled and realized by electrical servo control. Both RV Stud Turning Tools located at the left and right side of the robot are working independently from each other. The RV studs are installed or removed automatically by the robot and safely stored in the MST. The torque and speed for the RV stud turning tools are monitored, controlled and recorded at the control console. The typical operating time for turning two RV studs is six minutes. Operating time for turning 58 RV studs is about 1h 20 minutes.